Intermediate Drawing

The purpose of this course is to draw. To be able to draw one must learn to see, or read, the world around us. Disegno esterno. Drawing enables one also to interpret the inner world of imagination and ideas Disegno interno.Through a series of exercises and assignments this class probes ever deeper into these two worlds. There is a definite structure to the class: a movement from flat shapes into form and into space. We draw initially from nature, actual sites, and figure models. We will also draw conceptually, large free hand perspectives and two point perspective grids. Students learn to quickly draw forms in space similar to the wire frame drawings of 3D Max and Rhino. Weekly assignments augment class work to encourage constant drawing. As we proceed, students have the option to relate their assignments to studio. We will work in a variety of media: charcoal, pencil, graphite. Work in pastel will take us into the study of color. We will investigate artists and designers from the past and present, looking at their various means of expression and techniques. The hope is to have students find their own voice. The goal is to furnish the student with the tools to explore the dual world of outer and inner disegno. At the final review students will be able to interact with teachers and practicing artists. Developing ones drawing is critical to design. Drawing is thinking through the hand.