Inventing Architecture

I n G e n e r a lOur goal is to work with an idea. What is a project about? What is the idea behind it? We discuss these matters together during discussions at the studio. This way, the difference between the possible positions will be clear, and their cultural and practical feasibility evaluated.An idea can be exciting or boring, but not right or wrong. Right or wrong may be the way in which it is translated into a project-not whether an object is beautiful or ugly, but rather how palpably its idea is implemented.A S c h o o l o f A r c h i t e c t u r eAll students and teachers develop together a school of architecture. Site and program will be largely discussed. For example, the choice of a specific site or a generic place like \”lake\”, \”flat country\”, \”city\” etc. An idea can develop from a place, generate a place anew, or respond to specific properties such as climatic conditions. An idea can also derive from the function or originate an architectural thought about the school of architecture. Or it can relate to all these aspects equally.The idea is, at the same time, the genetics and the motor of a project. The project grows with the virtue of the conscious pursuit of the idea. Through a systematic procedure, the essence of the project will be captured and defined more precisely. As a result, the project will acquire fantastic, programmatic and universally valid qualities.The final presentation will consist of a substantial model, conceptual and construction plans in scale 1:50.