iTimeLightSpace: Architecture/Landscape Animation/Invention

iTimeLightSpace: Architecture/Landscape Animation/InventionCritics: Adjunct Associate Prof. T. Kelly Wilson Director of Digital Resources, Stephen ErvinThis cross disciplinary seminar, which will meet once a week, will explore the strategies of digital animation that may be profitably utilized to envision bold, innovative, realizations for architecture/landscape spatial invention. The most common use of animation requires that a proposal for design be well established prior to the selection of the animation path, and the rendering of the multiple frames that contribute to its compilation. This course will experiment with the ideas of digital animation, informed by the critical knowledge of painting and drawing invention, to inform the design process at its very origin, exploring the ability to induce ideas that give form to spatial invention, not only to represent that which has been designed.It is the intention of the course to foreground the issue of architecture/landscape iconography within the design process, submitting the issue of iconography to the critique and evaluation that encourages the collusion of image with form.Course work will consist of weekly assignments and critique, including discussion based upon course lectures. The technical issues of animation will be introduced, and the critical methods of image association and design imagination will be evaluated and discussed in the effort to utilize the agency of animation as a powerful image provider and design tool.