Landscape as Animation

This elective seminar studies the work of artist Joshua Mosley, in particular his methods of representing landscape through sequential photographic animation. In conjunction with four workshops delivered by Mosley, weekly lectures and technical exercises will advance a workflow of sequential drawing and photography to computer graphics (Maya) to editing and compositing (After Effects).Assignments will respond to topics in landscape architecture, explored through the lens of animation, cinematography, and change over time. The ambition of the course is to incorporate these digital techniques into the design process and work towards developing a more expressive model of representation for the interstitial stages of landscape design. Work produced in the seminar in counterpoint to screenings of animation in film and contemporary art will formulate a basis for assessing design methods that unfold in time.This course is offered through the Department of Landscape Architecture and is open to degree candidates in any discipline. No prerequisites.Schedule:This course will meet regularly on Fridays. Joshua Mosley will be present on the following days: Aug 30 – orientation/information sessionSept 10 – review/workshopOct 1 – review/workshopOct 22 – review/workshopNov 5 – review/workshoptue Nov 9 – Lecture (potential for aux 1-4pm meetings w/ students)Dec 3 for help/advising/pre-final discussion sessionDec 17 – Final Exam