Landscape As Video

Moving images – photographic sequences and digital video – offer the potential for an expanded reading of the designed landscape that transcends the capacity of conventional two-dimensional or even three dimensional modes of representation for understanding the character, quality, and physical parameters of cities and landscapes. This course explores this expanded potential through the study of the moving image and its unique ability to express sequential views, constructed narratives, the passage of time, sound, speeds of movement, radical scale shifts and discontinuous, extended, or compressed ideas of time and space.Through the course of the term, participants will produce a series of still images and a short film exploring a constructed visual narrative of a designed landscape that will provide a new reading of the site. This course offers students a solid conceptual foundation for the potential of the moving image in representing landscapes and the skills to create and produce their own short digital videos and photographic sequences.There will be evening workshops on Feb 3, Feb 10, and Feb 17th from 6-9 PM.