MDES Open Project II

“Open Projects” is a two-semester course sequence for second year MDes students. As the graduating requirement for students enrolled in the 4-Semester Track of the MDes Program, the project involves a substantive independent research component for students in their last year of study, leading to an individual or collaborative design research Final Project. The 4-credit fall portion of the sequence—Open Projects I—supports the research and development of an MDes Final Project, to be completed during the spring term.

The second semester—Open Projects II—is an independent course of study, leading to a Final Project that builds upon the interests and research done in the semesters leading up to the spring term. The semester is structured around three general review sessions: a launch review at the outset of the term; a midterm progress review; and the final open reviews session at the end of the term, where The Final Project, having attained a sufficient standard of completion, will be presented and defended at a review consisting of a panel, chaired by the Area Coordinators, and composed of members of the faculty and invited critics.