Modern Architecture – Architectural Criticism

***NOTE***This class will follow the schedule:Wednesday & Thursday, 9:00-11:00 a.m.Room 318Feb. 27/28March 13/14April 3/4April 17/18May 1/2Four aspects of architectural criticism will be addressed in this seminar:1. Analysis of one building critique and of one theoretical text;2. Selection of one building for an \”Award\” process;3. Verbal and written presentation of a building critique; and4. Active participation in seminar discussion. Parallel to four presentations by the instructor of recently completed buildings, as well as a theoretical introduction to a method of building description and architectural analysis, seminarists will review the production of one year\’s output by a medium involved in the presentation of architecture, selecting one building critique and one theoretical text from this output for an in-depth analysis of the origins and value systems behind the critique. Two short written texts will be required for this first assignment. Seminarists will be asked to select one building for a fictitious award process. Every seminarist will act as a member of a jury and will have one vote to determine the recipient of the award. The aims and the process of the award will be discussed in class. Seminarists will select a second building each, preferably one that has been visited, to conduct a building analysis and critique which will be presented verbally to the class and then submitted as the term paper. The pedagogic objective of the seminar is intended to develop tools of analysis and critique, foster discussions, and give insight into the process of juries. Completion requirements: Four contributions in respect to the above four aspects are required, each carrying 25% of the final grade.