Origins and Contemporary Practices of Asian Landscape Architecture: Korean Perspectives and More

This seminar will explore how landscape architecture started in Asia as a modern profession and how such origins have shaped the respective contemporary landscape architectural practices in the region's five countries: the Republic of Korea (hereinafter referred to as Korea), Japan, China, Singapore, and Thailand. Korea will be investigated deeper to be used as a lens through which the cases of the four other countries can be revealed since Korea’s landscape practices had an obvious initiator (i.e., former President Mr. Park) and a single strong motivation (i.e., post-war reforestation). 

In each class, the students will hear from some of the most important scholars and practitioners, i.e., Yoonjin Park (PARKKIM), Shunsaku Miyagi (PLACEMEDIA, University of Tokyo), Kongjian Yu (Turenscape, Peking University), Dorothy Tang (National Singapore University), Kotchakorn Voraakhom (Landprocess), Jillian Walliss (University of Melbourne) and Heike Rahmann (RMIT) followed by the instructor’s lecture on the week's topic. The course readings will be ready in digitized format by the start of the semester, and students are expected to read each week’s readings to join the class discussion.

After completing this course, students will learn how each country’s landscape practice reflects one’s singular historical, cultural, natural, and political context and can project their future as design professionals no matter which region on the globe they will be based in.

There are no prerequisite courses to take to be eligible to be enrolled in this seminar. However, basic knowledge and interest in the geography of Asia and the political and societal dynamics of Asia in the early to mid-20th century will be helpful.

Please refer to the syllabus, to be available in August, for the detailed schedule, contents, and course requirements.

TThe first day of GSD classes, Tuesday, September 5th, is held as a MONDAY schedule at the GSD. As this course meets on Monday, the first meeting of this course will be on Tuesday, September 5th. It will meet regularly thereafter.