Paris Study Abroad Option Studio: Storyboard as Architecture Project

This course is offered as part of the Paris study abroadStoryboard as architecture projectThe city should give exceptional quality of life : a large range of facilities, of proximities, of pleasures. Spaces overlap, add up, link and touch, with a great precision. The contemporary city is made by the assembly of these fragments.atelierThe workshop topic will emphasize the optimal conditions to live in the city, and to make a project which produces these conditions. The project will be made as a cinematographic work. The film-maker makes at first plans then sequences from which the movie will be constructed, unlike the architect who deduces the details of his project from a whole.\”The thought begins with the vision of the fragment of a possible world, to confront it with the reality, with the experience…\” Jean Luc Godard The exercise departs from photos (or movies) of a situation, a space, uses, an atmosphere, always close to the subject, from the smallest to the largest. They speak about individual space, about uses, about life, about city, about movement, about relationship with exterior (the sky, the city, the trees,…). These photos, attentively observed and analyzed, become catalysts of the project and of architectural intentions. Used as a generator of space, the photos become an instrument of research and the driving force of the project. Through simple operations of collage, accumulation, sampling, superposition, transformation addition, contamination, which become active modus operandi, every photo gains a new dimension and their accumulation generates spaces, atmospheres, journeys, and even, stories, which form the basis of a project. As in a puzzle, every piece (photo) will bring a new reading to the whole. The exercise requires rigor, attention and precision in the work of comprehension, description, and assembly of the photos. Every photo or part of a photo, becomes an intention (a program) for the project and has to give rise to fragmented representation in plan, in section, etc,… The fragments assembled build a project. The photos are not a representation of the final project, but on the contrary, the impetus.The exercise is a stimulating method of spatial production, starting from the smallest to the largest, an approach \”zoom-out\” rather than \”zoom-in.\”