Proseminar in Urbanism, Landscape, Ecology

This proseminar introduces MLA II and MDes Urbanism, Landscape, Ecology (ULE) students to a range of disciplinary theories and methods. As design becomes ever more trans-disciplinary in scope, the proseminar takes a broad look at the arts, literature, technology, as well as landscape, ecology and urbanism. Seminar participants be introduced to an array of disciplinary questions, and the methodological implications of those questions. The focus is on developing a critical perspective that arises from a deeper understanding of theory, method, practice, and speculation. Weekly meetings will typically consist of a lecture, followed by a discussion of assigned readings, and a tutorial on a specific skill or question. Each student will develop and present their own research interests within the context of the topics discussed in the seminar. Evaluation will be based on weekly response papers, a seminar presentation and final research paper, and on participation in class sessions. The proseminar provides a foundation for further course and studio work at the GSD, and upon completion of the seminar, participants will have articulated a specific research question to pursue in the coming semesters with a faculty advisor. Participation in the seminar is limited to MLA II and MDes ULE students.