Re-Wilding Harvard

This is a year-long class on rewilding, returning a habitat to an earlier form. Students in this course will research historical and cultural definitions of wilderness and landscape, identify what precolonialist habitats were like in New England, survey how such places have been and might be restored, and then we will rewild part of Harvard. The class is open to both graduate students and undergraduates in a broad and relevant range of disciplines. The course will be co-taught by faculty from the GSD and the Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology at FAS.

Note, this course was initially offered as 6375A and B. GSD students who enrolled in 6375A in the fall term should enroll in 6375 in the spring. Students who did not enroll in the fall term are welcome to enroll in the spring if they complete readings and assignments related to fall content. See Canvas site and/or contact Professor Moreno Mateos for more information.