Our studio in Barcelona is an ‘atelier` which for us contains a program balancing between those existing in a professional office and those of a university. We test, fail and refine in workshops and bring together academy and reality through investigation. The Harvard studio will work following the same design process and will additionally be introduced to a real project that we are already involved in back in Barcelona.
Barcelona has a new chief architect who is proposing a series of competitions which are anticipated to change the scene of Barcelona. Together with the Harvard studio we will participate in a special entry competition organized by the City Planning Department.
This competition aims to reorganize a crucial part of the city called `Plaza de les Glories` and wish us to generate a new urban referent. The 4×4 block area will host a composition of housing projects, representative and industrial buildings as well as landscaped spaces. Through discovering the history and recent transformation of City Planning in Barcelona we will evoke Josep Lluis Sert and thus further connect Harvard and Barcelona. 
The studio will travel to Barcelona where we will get in touch with the many voices that will bring us clues for our project. We will use the facilities of the recently opened Foundation of Enric Miralles and he will be introduced as another key element in the studio, yet again linking Barcelona and Harvard.