Rotterdam Study Abroad Studio Option: Countryside

The Fall 2017 Rotterdam Studio is part of a long-term effort to document and speculate on radical changes shaping the countryside, which will culminate in a large exhibition and publication in 2019. This semester we are introducing both new research directions and continuing others.

New research will be launched into the future of leisure and pleasure, and the semiotics of the countryside. Additionally, the studio continues the work of the Spring 2016 and Spring 2017 Rotterdam Studios and Seminars focusing on projects related to:
– The intelligence of animals and the interaction between animals and humans
– Global scale (re)design, between fact and fiction of planetary editing
– New forms of post-human architecture and landscapes, and the critical development of robots
– Villages and counter-culture communes around the globe, as models for (new and utopian) forms of cohabitation, refuge and experiment.

Students will collaborate with experts both in and outside the immediate realm of architecture, including bioscience, anthropology, history, robotics, climate and environment studies. While several new topics will be initiated in the 2017 fall studio, there will be an increased emphasis on extending existing research and editing of the material developed during previous studios.

This studio is taking place in Rotterdam in the fall term. Student enrollment is determined by early lottery.