Structural Design 1

This course introduces students to the design and behavior of fundamental structural systems. The course focuses on providing a qualitative understanding such that students can incorporate structures into their designs now and in their future.  This core focus on structural behavior and design is expanded into qualitative (analytical) approaches that will provide a basis for Structures II.  The course covers (in order): cables, arches, columns, beams, trusses, and frames.  These are the “primary colors” of structures that allow for an infinite number of creative combinations. 

We will use an app in class to compare structural systems as well as working with various physical models to provide the “mind-and-hand” link to reinforce the concepts.

The class will continue with a focus on steel design as well as high-rise structures.  Relevant case studies of contemporary and historic structures are used throughout the course to reinforce design principles. Students are expected to have completed all prerequisites in mathematics and physics.

Course Objectives:
• Provide an understanding of the behavior of structural systems
• Develop an intellectual approach to the interrelationship of systems and how they can be combined.
• Cover basic quantitative understanding to allow for further work in Structures II.• Teach the language of engineering and its relationship to architectural design.

Course Requirements:
• App: “Structures: a visual understanding” for iPhone and iPad by Paul Kassabian (also provided as images in class)
• Prerequisite math/physics.

Course  Format: Lectures, homeworks, and in-class quizzes.