The Bilbao Guggenhein Museum: Topics in Project Management

WEB SITE COURSE DESCRIPTIONSpiro N. Pollalis, Luis RodriguezLimited enrolment: 16 studentsThe Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao has had an unprecedented impact not only on the city of Bilbao but also on the value of design and on the public\’s perception of architecture worldwide. The architectural genius of Frank Gehry is the central element for the success. Other courses teach our students design and architecture extensively and at depth. This seminar focuses on the \’other\’ elements that make good architecture possible and allow architects like Frank Gehry to reach such miraculous results. These \’other\’ elements are hidden in the large team of people that make such architectural works possible. Among them predominant role have the political establishment (for public works), the owner, the constructor, the engineers, and the craftsmen of the subcontractors. The course focuses on the project management for the implementation of the concept and, based on original sources, addresses what the qualifications for a project management firm should be for such a unique piece of architecture, how the firm should prepare to get the job, their advice to the owner on project delivery to meet the project\’s objectives, preparing the budget and schedule, how to organize the managing the design and construction at each stage, and their relationships with the owner, the design architect, the executive architect, the engineers and other consultants and the contractors. Specific references are made to other cases during the introduction of the specific subjects, and students are required to work in teams, to simulate the actions of the project management firm on 5 specific phases of the project.Luis Rodriguez will be on campus 6 times, and 8 times will join the class synchronously via videoconferencing. He will also be available over the network for meeting with the students when not on campus.