The Future Urban Landscape of Cesena, Italy

The lottery for this option studio has already taken place due to the required summer research and travel.A sponsored, option-level studio will be conducted during the Fall Semester 2003 under the coordination of Carl Steinitz. The subject will be the urban landscape of Cesena, Italy. The Research conducted in the summer will produce an inventory of Cesena\’s urban landscapes: its social roles and physical conditions. Cesena\’s urban landscape is viewed as an essential component of the city\’s currently developing master planning efforts. Building on the inventory, the studio will investigate issues surrounding design interpretation of complex and sometimes contradictory programmatic intentions for the city and its immediate region. Urban landscape strategies at a variety of scales will be developed, described in design guidelines, and tested by the detailed design of representative and special situations. The studio will encompass both group and individual activities. It will culminate in a single, coordinated, scripted visual presentation supported by an exhibition of the studio\’s work. A printed publication based on the scripted presentation and the exhibition materials is likely.