The Texts of the Modern: In Search of a New Narrative

This two-unit lecture course is a continuation of Professor Moneo’s spring 2017 offering, 3367: “Today's Architects' Ambitions: In Search of a New Narrative Canon.: Over the course of six lectures, Professor Moneo will explore the books that have determined the new paradigms and goals that drove twentieth-century architecture. Against the backdrop of this canon the course will explore new paradigms and goals which are driving the work of today´s architects.

These texts include:
1.       Le Corbusier "Vers une Architecture"/ Henry Russell Hitchcock – Philip Johnson "The International Style"
2.       Sigfried Giedion "Space, Time and Architecture"
3.       Reyner Banham "Theory and Design in the First Age of the Machine"
4.       Robert Venturi "Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture"
5.       Aldo Rossi "L'Architettura della Città"
6.       Rem Koolhaas "Delirious New York"

Professor Moneo will offer lectures between 12-2 on the following days. He will also offer an evening lecture during the week of April 16th.

Students interested in enrolling in this two unit course should ensure that they are able to attend all lectures.
·   Monday, April 9
·   Wednesday, April 11
·   Thursday, April 12
·   Monday, April 16
·   Tuesday, April 17
·   Wednesday, April 18

Requirements include attendance to all lectures, reading and short reading responses due prior to the lectures.