Thermodynamic somatisms/ Verticalscapes II

The Studio will seek to consolidate an advanced understanding of high‐rise construction in association with thermodynamics and to experiment with various somatic aspects of human behavior.
The Studio will develop a spatial grammar and syntax associated with thermodynamics, through the definition of an operative topology, experimentation with energy-balance open and closed systems, the analysis of significant case studies and a proposal for a vertical
campus in two climatic and economically diferentiated locations. The initial identification of spatial and aggregational principles will define the methodological and instrumental base for the subsequent design of mixed vertical entities, to be developed in two different sets of site‐specific conditions. The objective of the Studio is to test the methodology in real scenarios, and in both technical and cultural terms’.
Course requirements
The first phase will develop three areas:

  • The study of an operational bibliography.
  • Experimentation with parametric applications and other tools to produce thermodynamic mix use.
  • The proposal of an operational topology.

This first phase is intended to isolate spatial principles and minimum vertical aggregation constructs, as well as new methodological and instrumental base. The second part, that will take up the core of the course, will be devoted to the design of campus prototypes in specific and differentiated contexts.
 This course will meet on the following dates:
January 18/19
February 1/2
February 15/16
February 29/March 1
March 21/22
April 2/3
April 18/19