Tokyo Study Abroad Option Studio: Transforming Omishima into a Beautiful Japanese Garden

Omishima is an island in Seto Inland Sea with the population of 6,000 people. Thirteen hamlets are scattered along the coast and the island is covered with orange orchards. A very well-known Oyamazumi Shrine dedicated to the God of Mountains sits in the centre of the island guarding its beautiful scenery.

Toyo Ito Museum of Architecture, Imabari opened among the orange orchards of Omishima in 2011. Rapid declining birth rates and an aging population resulted in the decreasing of orange orchards. The approaching path to the shrine, the “Sando” has also become desolate.

Thus, the GSD Studio in Tokyo pursues the following themes.
1. Planning small architectural projects at vacant lots along the “Sando” and consider the landscape of Sando for its revival.
2. Reconsidering the landscape adjacent to Furusato Ikoi no Ie, an accommodation facility renovated from a primary school and currently being reformed, with small architectural amenities such as a BBQ house.

This studio is taking place in Tokyo in the fall term. Student enrollment is determined by early lottery.