Why can’t we just dance?
Humane Origins
Innocent Obsessions
Cheap Shoes

What is architecture’s role today in defining a society of the humane? Can the architecture discipline continue to sustain its unique ability to sponsor uncompromised difference in a world where the exceptional is re-defined almost daily and the relationship between the singular and the collective is blurred of distinction in service to the integrative?

How can we discover when so much is so easily uncoverable? Can we now find comfort in simply reading between the lines? Can we relish in never actually finding that word that’s on the tip of our tongue? Can we dare to suspend our trust in science long enough to refine a belief in the power of personal intuition? Can we trust lateral interpretations to produce the strange but familiar that move us beyond the rational?

The studio will be like a gaggle of cavemen and cavewomen decorating themselves out of the cave.