8 units required courses:

4 units   DES-3333   Culture, Conservation & Design
4 units   HIS-4475*  Discourses and Methods: Conversation, Destruction and Curating Impermanence
4 units   HIS-4479*  Power & Place: Culture and Conflict in the Built Environment
*Students may choose between 4475 and 4479.

36-40 units of elective courses (see suggestions below, total dependent upon chosen track)

In the second semester, students will elect which track to follow to complete the program:

3 Semester Track: Qualifying Paper – Total 48 units
16 units electives or remaining requirements
Qualifying Paper (Guidelines available here)


4 Semester Track: Open Projects – Total 56 units
12 units electives or remaining requirements
4 units ADV-9306 Open Projects I
8 units ADV-9307 Open Projects II