First Semester Required Course:
ADV-9674 Proseminar in ECOLOGIES: Interrelated, In-between, Dynamic

Selection of Distributional Electives
Students are required to select 3 from across disciplines.

Landscape Architecture
DES 3241 Theories of Landscape as Urbanism
DES 3385 Thinking Through Soil
DES 3391 Time’s Arrow Time’s Cycle
DES 3396 Thinking Landscape – Making Cities
HIS 4455 Cotton Kingdom, Now
HIS 4461 Natural Histories for Troubled Times, or, Revisiting the ‘Entangled Bank’
SCI 6244 Climate by Design
SCI 6322 Mapping: Geographic Representation and Speculation

Urban Planning & Design
DES 3348 The Idea of the Environment
SES 5206 Land Use and Environmental Law
SES 5380 Experimental Infrastructures
SES 5381 Urban Design and the Color-Line
SES 5397 Cities and the Urban Informal Economy: Rethinking Development, Urban Design and Planning
SES 5409 Climate Justice

DES 3365 Material, Atmosphere and Ambience
SES 5370 Environment, Economics, Enterprise
SES 5391 Public Health in an Era of Epidemics: From the Camp to the Building
VIS 2314 Responsive Environments

AFVS 144M Photography and Ecology
EH 249 Built Environment, Nature, and Health
HIST 12N Abolition Ecologies: Nature, Race, and Labor in the United States
HLS 2921 Climate Solutions Living Lab
SCI 6482 Confronting Climate Change: A Foundation in Science, Technology + Policy
SOCIOL 1103 Environment and Inequality

Second and Third Semesters:
Choose elective courses to develop the Trajectory

Fourth Semester:
ADV-9202 Open Project

Note that first-year students may select courses across two domains with permission of Domain Heads.