For students entering Fall 2022

First Semester

4 units ADV-9673 Proseminar in NARRATIVES: Word and Image
12 units Electives or Distributional Electives**

Second Semester

16 units Electives or Distributional Electives**
Choose elective courses to develop the Trajectory

Third Semester

16 units Electives
Choose elective courses to develop the Trajectory

Fourth Semester

8 units Electives
8 units ADV-97XX Open Project

**In the first year, students are required to take a minimum of 12 units of distributional electives from an approved list of courses.
Distributional electives may be completed in the second year with approval from the Domain Head.


Selection of Distributional Electives
Students are required to select 3 from across disciplines.

VIS 2345 Offsite/Onsite: Curating Contemporary Art
VIS 2348 Representation First (!!!) then Architecture
VIS 2484 Interdisciplinary Art and Design Practices
DES-3479 Philosophy of Technology: From Marx and Heidegger to AI, Genome Editing, and Geoengineering (HKS)
HIS 4100 Buildings Texts, and Contexts: Origins and Ends
HIS 4223 Buildings, Texts, and Contexts: Architecture’s Multiple Modernisms
HIS 4358 Authority and Invention: Medieval Art and Architecture
HIS 4374 Cities, Infrastructures, and Politics: From Renaissance to Smart Technologies
HIS 4395 Environmentalisms: How to Have a Politics?
HIS 4454 The Project and the Territory: Japan Story
HIS 4497 The Architect as Producer

DES 3241 Theories of Landscape as Urbanism
DES 3336 Landscape Fieldwork: People, Politics, Practices (not offered in AY 2022/23)
HIS 4105 Studies of the Built North American Environment: since 1580
HIS 4141 Histories of Landscape I: Textuality and the Practice of Landscape Architecture
HIS 4142 Histories of Landscape Architecture II: Design, Representation and Use
HIS 4387 Topology and Imagination: Between Chinese Landscapes and Architecture
HIS 4461 Natural Histories for Troubled Times, or, Revisiting the ‘Entangled Bank’
HIS 4485 Race and Gender: Landscape Architecture as Practice, Profession, and Discipline

Urban Planning & Design
DES 3348 The Idea of Environment
DES 3458 The History of Heritage and the Heritage of History: How Conservation Shapes Our World
HIS 4151 Histories and Theories of Urban Form: Transition as Condition
HIS 4152 Urban Planning Theory and Praxis: Comparative Historical Origins and Applications
SES 5386 Urban Ethnographies

Students contemplating cross-registering for courses at another Harvard school must abide by the dates and policies of the school in which the course is offered. Priority for enrollment may be given to the other school’s students first before cross-registrations are accepted — enrollment is not guaranteed. See

(Required courses for students who entered in 2021.)