First Semester Required Course:
ADV-9673 Proseminar in NARRATIVES: Word and Image

Selection of Distributional Electives
Students are required to select 3 from across disciplines.

VIS 2229 Digital Media: Composition
VIS 2348 Representation First (!!!) then Architecture
VIS 2481 Public Projection: Projection as a Tool for Expression and Communication in Public Space
HIS 4122, 4223, or 4121 Buildings Texts, and Contexts I, II, or II
HIS 4356 Screens—Projecting Media and the Visual Arts
HIS 4374 Cities, Infrastructures, and Politics: From Renaissance to Smart Technologies
HIS 4395 Environmentalisms II: How to Have a Politics
SCI 6373 Domestic Logistics

DES 3241 Theories of Landscape as Urbanism
HIS 4141 Histories of Landscape I: Textuality and the Practice of Landscape Architecture
HIS 4305 Adventure and Fantasy Simulation, 1871-2036
HIS 4387 Topology and Imagination: Between Chinese Landscapes and Architecture

Urban Planning & Design
DES 3348 The Idea of Environment
HIS 4115 Histories and Theories of Urban Interventions
SES 5210, 5211 Cities by Design I or II
SES 5386 Urban Ethnographies
SES 5399 Race, Power, and Resistance in the City

AFVS 75 The Behavior of Images
AFVS 118C Curating Contemporary Art: Exhibitions, Artists, Institutions, and Audiences
AFVS 108 Stranger than Fiction

DPI 207 Philosophy of Technology: From Marx and Heidegger to Artificial Intelligence, Genome-Editing and Geoengineering

Second and Third Semesters:
Choose elective courses to develop the Trajectory

Fourth Semester:
ADV-9202 Open Project

Note that first-year students may select courses across two domains with permission of Domain Heads.