Alumni Insights: Justin Fowler and Anthony Acciavatti “Manifest 2 In Progress: The Architecture of Religion”

Religion and America go hand in hand. A tradition of conceptualizing America has been by reference to religion: when we are in the domain of religion, we have entered another kingdom—another world—perhaps a New World, where individual and collective engagement depends on the ability to negotiate the sacred with the secular.  

Currently in development, issue no. 2 of Manifest: A Journal of American Architecture and Urbanism takes up the issue of architecture and religion in the Americas. This salon series discussion with the editors of Manifest and participants from the Harvard community will consider such questions as: How does one mark the other? What are the spatial results of the impulse toward congregation and the individual desire to find a direct link to something beyond one’s self? How do religious institutions impact the politics of the built environment? How does architecture give face or meaning to religion? How does religion, however we might understand it, shape the formation of American landscapes and push back against regimes of national sovereignty, neoliberal economics, and cultural secularism? What is the architecture of religion?

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Anyone requiring accessibility accommodations should contact the Public Programs Office at (617) 496-2414 or [email protected].