Eric Cadora: The Justice Mapping Center

The Justice Mapping Center uses computer mapping and other graphical depictions of quantitative data to analyze and communicate social policy information. Their approach is based on the plain fact that American society is stratified and that where people live is a direct expression of those different social and economic strata; criminal justice, social welfare, and economic development policies are intimately related to particular jurisdictions, neighborhoods, and locales. 
Founded by Eric Cadora, the center creates innovative partnerships that link a research lab environment to applied field work. In collaboration with the Columbia University GSAPP, they experiment with new visualizations of quantitative data at the Spatial Information Design Lab (SIDL), where architects, GIS researchers, graphic designers, and students all collaborate over a variety of policy representation challenges. At the same time, the Center works closely with the JFA Institute, a national leader in criminal justice policy analysis and a technical assistance provider to state correctional agencies around the country.
Eric Cadora, director of The Justice Mapping Center, will present a public lecture on his work, in support of the GSD course Spatial Analysis and Representation, VIS 2129.

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