Erwin Hauer and Enrique Rosado – “Tranformations”

Public Lecture hosted by: 6423 (re)fabricating tectonic prototypes – Leire Asensio Villoria
Erwin Hauer
Erwin Hauer, Austrian born sculptor, began, in the 50’s, to explore infinite continuous surfaces. From these, perforated modular structures developed that lent themselves to architectural usage. He continued to develop these patented designs along with the technology to produce them, and installed the modular, light-diffusing walls in buildings throughout the United States and seven other countries. These designs are listed in domus 1928-1999 among the quintessential works of modernism. His sculptures are in numerous museums and collections. At the invitation of Josef Albers, Hauer joined the Yale faculty in 1957 and taught there until 1990. He continues to work as an independent sculptor, and also as a designer in partnership with Enrique Rosado, in Bethany, Connecticut. In 2004, as Princeton Architectural Press published Erwin Hauer: Continua – Architectural Screens and Walls, Hauer teamed up with Rosado to adapt his CONTINUA for production by digital means. Their biggest joint project so far is a 25’ high, indoor/outdoor, limestone bas-relief wall (Design 306) for Centria, 18 W 48th street, a new residential high-rise at Rockefeller Center.
Enrique Rosado
Enrique Rosado graduated from Yale University in 1992 with a double major in anthropology and Chi- nese. While at Yale, he took several sculpture courses from Erwin Hauer and found the influence of Hauer’s teaching invaluable. Rosado traveled the world in the 90s, working in computer technology for major corporaÅons in Taiwan and Japan. In 2003, Rosado began working with Hauer. Using his extensive knowledge of the digital field, Rosado started building complex digital files for the CONTINUA architec- tural screens and walls being produced today. He also conducts the business of the partnership, EHR Design Associates LLC.

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