GSD Talks: Alejandro Echeverri

Alejandro Echeverri is an internationally acclaimed architect and planner from Medellín, Colombia, Is  cofounder and Director of urbam, the Center for Urban and Environmental Studies at EAFIT University. His experience combines architectural, urban, environmental projects and planning. He has also collaborated as professor, lecturer and juror in various international and national architectural institutions.His work earned the National Architectural Award in 1996,  the National Urban Planning Award in 2008,  the Curry Stone Design Prize in 2009, the 10 Veronica Rudge Green Prize in Urban Design from Harvard, among others. In addition, as The  General Manager of the Empresa de Desarrollo Urbano (EDU) from 2004 to 2005, and the City’s Director of Urban Projects for the Municipality of Medellín from 2005 to 2008, where he led the conceptualization and implementation of Social Urbanism, Echeverri has played crucial role in the rejuvenation of Medellín. With the support and partnership of the city’s mayor, Sergio Fajardo, Echeverri established public works programs and initiated building a series of visually striking libraries, schools, parks, and community centers in Medellín’s most impoverished areas. The works program even included an urban integral projects  that connects some of Medellín’s poorest and most isolated neighborhoods to the rest of the city. Because of these efforts and the his belief in the power of design, Medellín is now considered a blueprint for the future of other cities in the developing world. 

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