Lecture – Marco Steinberg

Who’s redesigning your world?
We find ourselves at a critical crossroads. Big challenges such as curbing climate change, providing high-quality health care, and serving the needs of aging populations, just to mention a few, are eroding the very foundation upon which our societies were built. While the world is thriving with knowledge, innovations, and good will, there is very little substantive positive sum progress at this scale, on these fronts. Where will we find the innovation capability to deal with these issues? Who will contribute and who will lead in its creation?
Because traditional models of innovation have always focused on the parts, thus far we have not been able to shift our capabilities to deal with the whole. In other words, when confronted with a major challenge, we fail to see the “architecture of the problem” in its entirety. 
Marco Steinberg, Director of Strategic Design at the Finnish Innovation Fund, will discuss the unique role that designers (and especially architects) can play in this new innovation frontier. Where will we find the “architects of the solution” that the world desperately needs?
The presentation will cover several projects and initiatives including Low2No (a sustainable development project in Helsinki), Helsinki Design Lab (a “government meets design” platform), and Stroke Pathways (a systems approach to healthcare innovation which was executed while Marco was a faculty member at the GSD, 1999-2009).

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Marco Steinberg

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