New Geographies: Design, Agency, and Territory

Join the editors of Harvard Graduate School of Design’s New Geographies at the Graham Foundation in Chicago to launch the journal’s most recent issue, New Geographies 08: Island, and to celebrate the journal’s ten years of discourse and discovery.

New Geographies aims to examine the emergence of the geographic—a new but for the most part latent paradigm in design today—to articulate it and bring it to bear effectively on the agency of design.

As the synthesizing role that geography aspired to play among the physical, the economic, and the sociopolitical is now being increasingly shared by design, New Geographies is interested in new associations or linkages between the social and the physical, the form and the context, the very large and the very small. Through critical essays and design projects, the journal aims to open up discussions on the expanded agency of the designer, agency both as a form of capacity in relation to new techniques and strategies, and as a faculty of acting, power, and disciplinary repositioning.

This event launches the latest edition of the journal (New Geographies 08: Island) and celebrates the journal’s decade of discourse and discovery. Of focus will be the three most recent editions, conceived as a trilogy concerned with revealing the geographic imprints of metabolic, technological, and systemic processes: New Geographies 06: Grounding Metabolism; New Geographies 07: Geographies of Information; and New Geographies 08: Island. The editorial board will unpack the journal’s broader intellectual agenda and project its future.

New Geographies is a journal founded and produced by doctoral candidates at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design (GSD). The journal is made possible through the support of the Office of the Dean at the Harvard GSD and the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts. It is distributed by Harvard University Press. The current editorial board consists of Daniel Daou, Ali Fard, Daniel Ibañez, Nikos Katsikis, Taraneh Meshkani, and Pablo Pérez-Ramos, while the upcoming issue is edited by Mariano Gomez Luque and Ghazal Jafari.


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