Otavio Leonidio, “Rio de Janeiro: From Pereira Passos to the 2016 Olympic Games. An Outline of a Century of Urban Transformations.”

Ever since Mayor Pereira Passos undertook in the beginning of the 20th century the plan to transform it into a “tropical Paris”, the city of Rio de Janeiro has been subject to innumerable urban plans, programs, and ideas. The latest chapter of this urban epopee is the set of transformations being implemented for the 2016 Olympiads. This lecture by Otavio Leonidio will present an outlook of a century of urban transformations, with emphasis on the plans, programs and ideas envisaged by Pereira Passos, Le Corbusier, K. Doxiadis, Lucio Costa, Luiz Paulo Conde and, more recently, Eduardo Paes. After the lecture, Felipe Correa (GSD) will moderate a discussion.
Otavio Leonidio is Professor of Architecture and Urban Design at the School of Architecture and Urbanism/PUC University, Rio de Janeiro. He is also a 2012 Visiting Scholar at the Stanford University Department of Comparative Literature.

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