Join Silvia Benedito (GSD), issue co-editor Adam Bobbette (University of Cambridge), and contributor Andrew Toland (University of Hong Kong), and Jane Hutton (GSD, Scapegoat) for a roundtable discussion about the weather.

In its past eight issues, Scapegoat has committed to working at the intersection of political-economic and spatial analyses through unique thematic frameworks. Issue  08 (available March 2015) continues that tradition through the weather.

As a container term, “the weather” has generally referred to things that occur in the atmosphere. However, how the weather happens is now a subject of serious debate. In western culture it has historically been capricious, beyond control and reproach; today, however, the weather is increasingly something that always exists as a byproduct of human decisions. Its mixture of gasses, salts, dust, and debris can be contaminated, and its intensities of heat, pressure, and moisture can be modified. Today the weather can commit a crime, and those responsible held accountable. Understanding the extent to which the weather in general is a product of human decisions is now a global juridical project. Beyond the problem of liability, what is necessary today is a critical reassessment of how the weather happens, what its mixture consists of, and how we think it should entangle human life.

SCAPEGOAT is an independent journal focusing on the relationship between architecture, landscape architecture, and political economy. The journal examines the links between capitalism and the built environment, addressing the power relations that structure space, the exploitation of labour and resources, and the uneven distribution of environmental risks and benefits. 

SCAPEGOAT Issue 8 – THE WEATHER includes contributions by Maria José A. de Abreu, Piers Blakie, Paul Ginoux, Elisabeth Inandiak, Marcel Jaggi, Jacob Kalmakoff, Cory Lund, Peter Mettler, Meredith Miller, Marijn Nieuwenhuis, Farid Rakun, Elisée Reclus, Phillip Stillman, Andrew Toland, Jerry Zee.

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