Airport Landscape: From Airfields to Greenfields

A Genealogy of Airport Landscape October 30, 2013–March 25, 2014 Sonja Dümpelmann, curator In the early decades of powered flight, the open fields used for the first flying experiments were turned into simple, level airfields and finally developed into…

exhibition dates: OCT 30, 2013 – MAR 25, 2014


UD50 A Formulation; A Bibliography

November 01, 2010–January 05, 2011 Felipe Correa, curator Christopher A. Roach Since its conception, and later in its incorporation as an official program of study at the school in 1960, Urban Design has generated an extensive body of academic and disciplinary work…

exhibition dates: NOV 1, 2010 – JAN 5, 2011



An Architecture Without Precedents January 04, 2011–April 4, 2011 Iddo Ginat, curator Venice Biennale Exhibition Curators: Galia Bar Or, Yuval Yasky Original Design Concept: Dan Hasson Archival Conceptualization: Zvi Efrat, Yuval Yasky Archival Research: Adi Biran, Adi Levy-Trau, Iris Kashman, Nur Efrat Video Concept:…

exhibition dates: JAN 4 – APR 4, 2011


The Generic Sublime: Utopioids

August 9, 2013–October 4, 2013 Ciro Najle, Curator   Professor Ciro Najle Assistant Pablo Barría Urenda Georgios Athanasopoulos  Men in Retreat  Alessandro Boccacci  La Ville Tropicale Elle Gerdeman  Neon Sector  Parsa Kamali  Shukovoids Jielu Lu  In-between Helix Héctor…

exhibition dates: AUG 9 – OCT 4, 2013


Airport Landscape: ORD: Documenting the Definitive Modern Airport

October 30, 2013–December 19, 2013 Charles Waldheim, curator In the second half of the twentieth century, Chicago’s O’Hare Airport was the biggest and busiest facility of its kind in the world. Characterized by a seamless integration of transportation infrastructure and architectural expression, O’Hare…

exhibition dates: OCT 30 – DEC 19, 2013


Icons of Knowledge: Architecture and Symbolism in National Libraries

Monumental in scale, dominated by nationalistic ambitions and overwhelming with architectural details, national libraries are amongst the most symbolic icons of modern day countries. Despite the rapid digitization of print, nations are vehemently investing resources in the construction of buildings that will project their cultural…

exhibition dates: FEB 2 – MAR 22, 2015


Silvia Gmür Reto Gmür Architekten

February 17, 2014–March 23, 2014 Silvia Gmür, curator Reto Gmür, curator "The nature of space reflects what it wants to be. A Form emerges from the structural elements inherent in the form." -L.I. Kahn "The room is the beginning of…

exhibition dates: FEB 17 – MAR 23, 2014


The FOLIO Series

Published by The Architectural Association, these works offer stimulating content and notable portfolio design. Image: Shin Takamatsu, The Killing Moon (Folio XII, 1988) Spring 2011 Library Special Collections Department…

exhibition dates: FEB 1 – MAY 15, 2011