Airport Landscape: The Jetport Landscape

October 30, 2013–December 19, 2013 Sonja Dümpelmann, curator In the 1950s and 1960s, landscape architect Daniel Urban Kiley (1912–2004) was commissioned to provide landscape designs for two of the first jetports built in the United States, Dulles International Airport…

exhibition dates: OCT 30 – DEC 19, 2013


The Architecture of Aggression

This exhibition includes printed books, plans, photographs and manuscripts from the Special Collections. Included are photographs of mediaeval Spanish fortresses from the H.H. Richardson Collection, materials from the Norman T. Newton Collection related to the work of the Allied Subcommission on Monuments in Italy in…

exhibition dates: FEB 1 – MAY 1, 2009


Cartographic Grounds: The Central Park Case Study

40.7820° N, 73.9660° W  Central Park, with its foundational history within American landscape architecture, has captured the imagination of cartographers, designers, artists, and writers alike. It is more widely referenced in art, film, and literature than any other American public space. This exhibit…

exhibition dates: NOV 2 – DEC 19, 2012

Jill Desimini, Curator


Landformation Catalogue

March 26 – May 15, 2015 Zaneta Hong and Michael Leighton Beaman, curators Ground is both site and material for design intervention. Through a systematic manipulation of the landscape, humans account for the fastest geological transformation of the Earth’s surface in its 4.54…

exhibition dates: MAR 26 – MAY 15, 2015


Erratics: Perception, Observation, and Practice

March 22, 2010–May 22, 2010 In conjuction with Erratics, the Special Collections Department of the Frances Loeb Library has mounted a selection of materials from the Rare Book Room and the Special Collections that will offer, in terms of both landscape and architecture, nineteenth-…

exhibition dates: MAR 22 – MAY 22, 2010


Animating the Archive

April 3, 2014–May 16, 2014 Matthew Allen MArch '10, curator With advice from Preston Scott Cohen MArch `85, Gerald M. McCue Professor in Architecture and assistance by Sophia Panova Representation has typically sought to remove the “look” of the technology that produced it.

exhibition dates: APR 3 – MAY 16, 2014


The THING Tank

January 22, 2010–February 28, 2010 Jeffrey Schnapp, curator Spring 2010 Library Special Collections Department…

exhibition dates: JAN 22 – FEB 28, 2010


9SG: The Production of an Architectural Idea

In light of the GSD’s Teaching Techniques and Superstudio launch this past fall; the 9SG exhibition pays tribute to the Nine Square Grid Project and John Hejduk following the fifteenth anniversary of his death. The spatial reasoning based on abstract forms and their…

exhibition dates: JAN 25 – MAR 22, 2016