Harvard Library Electronic Resources

Get Electronic Access

All Harvard Alumni have access to a large number of electronic resources available through the Harvard Library. These resources provide access to almost all the resources that one might need after graduation.

(Note: Harvard offers alumni more access than any of the other Ivy Plus Libraries.)

Harvard Library Borrowing

GSD Alumni interested in borrowing privileges may apply for a Special Borrower card in the Harvard Library Privileges Office by phone at 617-495-4166 or email: library_privileges@harvard.edu

Two types of Special Borrower cards are available to GSD Alumni:

  • Borrowing privileges at the Frances Loeb Library for one year (renewable): no cost
  • Borrowing privileges at the following libraries are available for a fee — 3 months is $75; 6 months is $125; 1 year is $200; Senior Citizens (65+) 1 year is $50

Harvard Library Print Materials

Graduating Students

Return Policy

Graduating students must return library books before graduation. For more information on returning books, please visit the Harvard Library COVID-19 information page.

Exceptions to Return Policy

For Spring 2021, Loeb Library will allow those graduating GSD students working on GSD-awarded research projects to borrow books they require for research for the summer.

Here's how:

  • Request the resources that you need by May 1st.
  • If you would like to have materials mailed to your home, use the Book Mailing Request Form. We will mail books to you through May 31st.
  • Soon after graduation, we will follow up with graduating students about alumni account options. In the meantime, please be sure to hold on to your HUID post-graduation.
  • Books checked out to alumni will be due on September 10th. Borrowers are responsible for returning all library materials.

Other Alumni

As of March 2020, our physical spaces are closed. Harvard’s libraries remain open online.

Resources from Non-Harvard Libraries

For those who are not within easy physical access to Loeb Library, we highly recommend that you assess the academic and public libraries that are in your geographic area. Many of these institutions welcome researchers and will help you to find the resources you need.

If you are a GSD student who is graduating in May 2021 and working on a GSD-sponsored award research project and require letters of introduction to another library, we can provide that for you.