Licenses and installation media for this program are provided by the GSD.

Download the installation file for the program here: Windows | Mac

The installation process should be similar for Mac or Windows, to start – open the installer and follow the installation steps, accepting the user agreement and choosing an installation directory

SketchUp Installation Directory  Sketchup Mac Directory Install

Once completed, you should receive confirmation that SketchUp install successfully.  Close the installation screen and then launch the SketchUp program


SketchUp Done installing  Sketchup Mac Ready to Go

On the first launch of the program, you will be prompted to supply our network license information.  Choose to enter a Classic License and then choose Add License

Choose to add a license

Supply the serial number and authorization code specific to our licenses:

Serial number: WH-00160947-CER
Authorization Code: a8f17b003c0d06

Add Sketchup License Information

After adding the license, you should receive a message that our network license was successfully applied and you can continue to the main program.