Jeana Dunlap

Design Critic in Urban Planning and Design

Jeana Dunlap is an urbanist, strategic advisor and recovering economist working at the intersection of community and economic development. Jeana’s local government experience includes affordable housing finance, public infrastructure and place-based strategies for neighborhood improvement.  In 2014, Jeana established the Vacant & Public Property Administration and designed interventions that reduce vacancy and abandonment. In 2017, Jeana partnered with advocacy organizations to facilitate the Redlining Louisville Community Dialogue series, shedding light on the history and current impacts of past and present forms of redlining practices. More recently, as director of Redevelopment Strategies, she leveraged multidisciplinary approaches to reverse disinvestment trends by promoting digital inclusion, housing choice, resilience and cultural preservation. Jeana believes that changing both minds and the built environment are paramount to achieving vibrant communities. Her efforts ultimately seek to instill confidence and build greater capacity among those residing within and committed to serving marginalized neighborhoods. Jeana is a native Louisvillian, a 2019 Harvard Loeb Fellow, holds a Master of Science in Economics and a Master of Public Policy & Administration, both from the University of Kentucky and a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of Louisville.