Cosmopolitan Resort and Casino

The Cosmopolitan Resort and Casino is creating a new paradigm of Las Vegas living at the corner of Harmon Avenue and the Las Vegas Strip on a 1.6 hectare site. This mixed use development will include approximately 2,000 luxury condominium units; 1000 Grand Hyatt hotel rooms; 150,000 square feet of integrated business, convention, and conference space; over 300,000 square feet of exclusive brand name retail boutiques, restaurants, and entertainment; an 1800 seat world class theater, and the Cosmo Beach Club hovering above the Las Vegas Strip with over 5 acres of round–the–clock beach club, pools, nightclubs, and restaurants designed to “tease and please you.”

Conceived as a beach party landscape, the decks of the Cosmo Beach Club are separated into three different zones: the Beach Deck, the Hotel Deck, and the Adult Deck. Layers of deck at three different stories zigzag their way across the roof, providing hangouts both above and below the Boardwalk. The folding geometries of the decks transform into flexible viewing platforms for a range of performance types.
Aptly named, the Beach Deck is centered around a faceted tidal pool surrounded by a sandy beach. Scattered throughout, under, and over the Boardwalk, are private cabanas, restaurants, and bars. This geometry continues through to the layered boardwalks, terraces, pools, and plantings of the Hotel Deck. Perched above the other two decks, the Adult Deck provides a wonderful adult playground.