CASAS Internacional 40: Rodolfo Machado & Jorge Silvetti

fac_pub_silvetti_casas40True to this spirit and with unmistakable character, each of their projects tries to detect, resolve and express in architectural terms, their most important requirements. The results, clearly distinctive, have now become true models of analysis due to their conceptual clarity and visual intensity, as well as the outstanding quality of their architectural principles.

Construction as an art, and not as a mere technical instrument, is verifiable in each of their built projects, and specially visible in their exquisite details, full of meanings. Even the unbuilt projects, this meticulous detailing has shown us a realism without precedent and a kind of enraged shout for their materialization.

“Mastering and Breaking the Rules”
Oscar Riera Ojeda

Editor: Oscar Riera Ojeda

Kliczkowski, Madrid : Asppan, 1995