De Landtong Rotterdam

fac_pub_busquets_landtong_rotterdamDe Lantong residential project by architect Frits van Dongen, on a large central dike of the Kop van Zuid in Rotterdam, has a number of interesting characteristics, all of which are worthy of comment. The particular characteristics are the scale of the residential operation, the complexity of its morphology, the interest of its typological research – in short, the urban architecture that has been created in this enclave of restructured docklands.

The wealth of the modern appears to have been discovered in De Lantong, in the expressiveness of the materials, the judicious composition of the brickwork, the structural sobriety of the supports and their adaptation to morphological variation, the formal intensity produced by the right choice of typological systems….In short, this is a complex to be analysed with pleasure and one whose metodological integrity provides a capital response to the challenges posed by the Kop van Zuid project, where the urban architecture of De Lantong has to carry on a dialogue with its context, the docklands and their restructuring process.

Rotterdam: Uitgeverij 010 Publishers, 1998