Landscape Urbanism: A Manual for the Machinic Landscape

Landscape Urbanism: A Manual for the Machinic LandscapeHow do current developments in urbanism open up new opportunities in the field of landscape? Equally, how does landscape help us conceive of new conditions for urbanism?

This book brings together speculations on the future of landscape urbanism by a number of internationally renowned urbanists, architects, landscape architects and theorists including Abalos & Herreros, Larry Barth, Peter Beard, Florian Beigel, James Corner, Desvigne & Dalnoky, Keller Easterling, FOA, Christopher Hight, Detlef Mertins, Mohsen Mostafavi, Ciro Najle, Ocean North and Reiser & Umemoto.

Their texts are complemented by projects developed within the framework of the Landscape Urbanism programme at the Architectural Association.

Princeton Architectural Press