Structure as Space: Engineering and Architecture in the Works of Jürg Conzett

The young Swiss engineer Jürg Conzett has done more than most towards redefining the role of the structural engineer both in relation to his disciplines own mechanisms as well as in its connection to architecture. Since setting up his own engineering practice, Conzett has worked in collaboration with Peter Zumthor and many other innovative architects. He has also designed a number of incredibly beautiful footbridges in both Switzerland and Austria. The engineering innovations of Jürg Conzett are often based on the reconsideration, with a completely fresh eye, of some earlier examples the structures of Brunel and the timber formwork for bridges of the carpenter/engineer Richard Coray are important precedents for him. The rigour of his approach has produced works that, like those of an earlier era, make us truly wonder. Because of the hybrid nature of the work, this book will appeal not only to architects and engineers but also to a growing audience interested in the impact of engineering infrastructures on our natural environment.

Architectural Association