The Vanguard Landscapes and Gardens of Martha Schwartz

Edited by Tim Richardson

One of the most exciting and popular designers working in the United States, Martha Schwartz has almost single-handedly redefined the notion of garden design and landscape architecture. With her background in printmaking, the Boston-based designer has brought an entirely new language to a traditionally horticulture-oriented profession. Ever since her Bagel Garden (1979) stirred controversy and attracted attention, she has been at the vanguard of her field, and her work is now celebrated and influential around the world.

This is the complete monograph of Schwartz’s corpus, some forty works, mostly built, from the United States, Canada, Japan, Germany, Sweden, Britain, and elsewhere. Ranging in scope from idiosyncratic private gardens to urban plans, projects are presented through breathtaking photographs, accessible drawings, and plans. Schwartz describes her working practices, giving unique insight into the thinking behind her dynamic designs.

The colorful, unconventional, and wide-ranging nature of Schwartz’s work will appeal to a professional and to a nonprofessional audience, from urban planners to private gardeners. 310 color illustrations.

Thames and Hudson, 2004