Uncertainty and Risk in International Construction Markets

fac_pub_pollalis_uncertainty_riskThe First Colloquium on International Construction was held at the Graduate School of Design, Harvard University, during the weekend of April 8-10, 1994.

During recent years, the globalization of construction has intensified dramatically, fueled by the expansion of international investment, business and real estate opportunities, as well as the relocation of manufacturing and service facilities. Design and construction companies compete internationally in a wide range of markets, among local construction industries of varying knowledge and technical ability. Despite the development of labor and expertise by local operations, international construction continues to grow.

Participants in the colloquium engaged these topics through case studies from projects around the world—a method that is being used at the Graduate School of Design for teaching and research of complex construction issues. As a supplement to studios and lectures, case studies provide an exciting method for teaching the complexities of a project, the web of relations among design participants, their motivations and constraints, the use of design tools and methods, and numerous other considerations.

The cases prepared for the colloquium were presented by faculty of the Graduate School of Design and drew on the experiences of clients, designers and contractors. During the discussions, participants from Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Greece, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Switzerland, and the United States shared their own experiences of international building.

From the Preface
Spiro N. Pollalis
Cambridge, Massachusetts
June 1996

Harvard University Graduate School of Design