All GSD students, staff, faculty and visitors are required to follow the Harvard Enterprise Security Policy, as found at . The policy requires that a secure file transfer service (Accellion) be used instead of email to transmit confidential information. Accellion can be used to send files up to 10GB in size, securely and without relying on an email attachment.

How to Use Accellion

  1. Login to the Accellion secure page (Note you need to use your official Harvard email address and email password to log in)
  2. Give the email address of the recipient
  3. Compose your email message
  4. Browse to the file on your desktop you want sent (be sure to delete the file on your desktop after sending)
  5. Press send
  6. You may select to get a receipt when the recipient actually downloads the file.

For additional help, or with any questions or complications, contact the GSD helpdesk.

What combinations of information would require using Accellion?

  • High-Risk Confidential Information (HRCI) is a person’s name, in conjunction with:
  • Social Security number
  • Credit or debit card number
  • Individual financial account
  • Driver’s license
  • State ID or passport number
  • Biometric information
  • Human subjects information
  • Personally-identifiable medical information

Other confidential information is:

  • Detailed information about University buildings, activities, or events
  • Faculty searches
  • Future University development plans
  • Grant information
  • HR records
  • Student grades
  • Other (e.g., salary information, HUID#, names of family members)

Examples of documents that would use Accellion

  • Detail listings (if they contain salaries, name, and/or HUID)
  • Budgets or proposal documentation which includes name and salary information
  • HR documents (eg, hire paperwork, visa paperwork, consulting agreements, additional pay forms, direct deposit forms, salary or costing change forms)
  • ADI Journal forms (if they contain salaries, name and/or HUID)
  • Reimbursement/Corporate Card/Accounts Payable documents with HUID, name, and/or SSN (e.g., receipt swith personal info, Universal Expense Form)
  • Timesheets (with name and HUID) or timesheet adjustment form
  • Off-cycle check requests (with name and HUID)