New for Fall 2016!  A more distributed model for computer labs.  Three mini-computer labs, two in Gund Hall and one in 40 Kirkland Street. In addition to the Harvard MIT Data Center in the CGIS Knafel Building.  For more details on each of the public computer options see below…

1) Harvard MIT Data Center
This state of the art computer lab is next door in the CGIS Knafel Building, you don’t even have to go outside to get there!  Just walk through the connecting hallway on the lower level (south side) opposite the restrooms.  Visit the CGIS Building Operations in K051 to gain 24×7 access to the building; the lab is always open.  This computer lab contains a total of 44 workstations, each are loaded with the following applications:  Microsoft Office, ArcGIS, Adobe Creative Cloud, Rhino, Grasshopper, AutoCAD, 3D Studio and more.  Please visit the Harvard MIT Data Center Help Desk to request a Lab Account (User accounts can take between 3-5 days to process).

2) 5-South Computer Lab (view photo)
This computer cluster located just outside Room 520 contains four iMacs running windows and fully loaded with all the design software we offer at the GSD.

3) 40 Kirkland Street Computer Lab (view photo)
A quiet computer lab located in Room 2A and contains four iMacs running windows.

4) Loeb Library Computer Lab (view photo)
Located in the Francis Loeb Library, lower level.  This is lab is only available during library hours.

5)  PDF Release Stations
We have a PDF release station located in the plotting farm 3-Central, Gund Hall.  A second PDF release station is located at the Help Desk in L19.  The Release Stations are perfect for those who just need to print.

6)  Scan Stations
Desktop Computers specifically for scanning.  Locations include 2-South, 3-South, 40 Kirkland, Visual Resources in Loeb Library.  See Scanning Web Page for details.