The main file server used by students is called GOLIATH
And the best way to connect to Goliath is through a direct “mapped” connection.

Mapping to Goliath from Windows (scroll down for Mac Instructions)

For Windows 7 click on the Start Menu and select Computer

For Windows 8 type “computer” into the Search field or click the Folder icon on the taskbar

connecting to goliath 1







connecting to goliath 2






Next, select Map Network Drive as shown below.

connecting to goliath 3





connecting to goliath 4





Under Folder enter: \\\public

and select Reconnect at logon and Connect using different credentials


connecting to goliath 5


When prompted, enter your Design username in the form of design\username and your password

Select Remember my credentials so you will not have to re-enter your password every time.








connecting to goliath 6Once you successfully connect, you should see a list of folders like below:

connecting to goliath 7









Mapping to Goliath on a Mac

From the Finder toolbar, click on Go and select Connect to Server…

Under Server Address type in cifs:// and click Connect

connecting to goliath 8








Login with your Design username and password and you should be successfully connected.

connecting to goliath 9