Listed below are four basic steps to help you navigate the plotting process.

  1. Transition from a project file to a flat, printable file.
    There are several ways to flatten a project file. The easiest way is to create a PDF File by using the Adobe Printer. Note: Export and Save As PDF will not flatten your file. Watch the video
  2. Check the Plot Monitor to determine which plotter is least busy.
    The plot monitor can only be accessed on the GSD network or with a VPN connection. Watch the video
  3. Configure your PDF File for Printing.
    New for Fall 2016!  Oce ColorWave 500 Plotters.  Watch the video to see how to manage the new printing driver.
  4. Track Your Job
    After your job leaves your computer it enters the print queue where it is processed.  Jobs that spend a lot of time in the queue processing are not flat (don’t blame the printer).  Watch the video.   After leaving the queue your job is sent to the printer.  The status of your job as it transitions can be viewed on the Plot Monitor.   Your Job is Printing!