Licenses and installation media for this program are provided by the GSD.

To use network-licensed software you are required to be on the GSD network, either with a network cable or on the HarvardSecure wireless signal, or logged into VPN while working remotely.

The installation files for this program are on the GSD file server GSDServer under the Software folder

When installing any software on GSDServer, you should be local – installing software from Goliath over VPN is not recommended.

To begin the installation, double-click the DeskArtes Setup.exe in the software folder

Accept the default settings to complete the installation, then launch the application

You will receive a message that DeskArtes is not licensed, click Continue

DeskArtes 1

Once the program opens, click on the Help menu and choose Licenses…

DeskArtes 2

Change the License Mode to Network and choose Setup License Server Connection

DeskArtes 3

Enter for the machine address and 2764 as the port number

DeskArtes 4


Once you click Ok, you will be prompted to Restart Deskartes before the new licenses are active

Be sure to do this, you will not be able to check out a license until you close and re-open the program!