(For Mac Instructions Click Here)

For Windows 7 click the Start Menu and type \\print.design.harvard.edu into the Search box, then hit Enter

For Windows 8, from the Tile interface into the Search box \\print.design.harvard.edu

installing printers on windows 1




installing printers on windows 2







When prompted, enter your Design username in the form of design\username and your password

Select Remember my credentials so you will not have to re-enter your password every time.

installing printers on windows 3

After successfully authenticating you will see a list of all the printers on the GSD network.

Double-clicking on a printer will initiate the installation process.

Look for printers that are named with the prefix “Laser”, “Color” or “Plot” followed by a location.

For example “Laser-3South” is a Black & White LaserJet printer located on the 3rd tray, south end.

installing printers on windows 4