Licenses and installation media for this program are provided by the GSD.

To use network-licensed software you are required to be on the GSD network, either with a network cable or on the GSD wireless signal, or logged into VPN while working remotely.

The installation files for this program are on the GSD file server Goliath under the Software folder

When installing any software on Goliath, you should be local – installing software from Goliath over VPN is not recommended.

Double-click the StartSWInstall.hta file to being the installation










Click on Install SolidWorks products now and the automatic installation should begin











Once completed, you should see new SolidWorks icons on your desktop.

Double-click the SolidWorks x64 icon to see if the installation was successful.

Though it should automatically be supplied during the install, if you are prompted for a server name enter: